Unboxing time!There's another box inside?!Base attachment success!How do I turn this on?It's not plugged in yet?!  Why not?!Is the base screwed on all the way?Now to see if the base is big enough for me to sit on!I don't need help to climb on!Ta da!I totally did not just try to nom this cloth.


This year, we have new outdoor Christmas lights:  Mom and I got tired of searching for broken lights in our strings of icicle lights, so we got a Star Shower instead!  I helped Mom unbox our brand new contraption and made sure to check all the parts were intact.  I can’t wait to see our new lights in action!


Mom, where’s the power switch?


We have to wait until it’s dark out?!  Well then, where’s my snack for while we wait?

Ohhh it goes on the outside of the HUMAN house! We read the box “Star Shower” and were concerned you were going have to take a shower bath! Phew!

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