The sweetest card for the sweetest tortie!Truer words were never said about sweet Mango!Most important part of the card:  A birthday kiss from me to Mango!


Today is an extra special day: Not only is it Friday, but also it is Mango’s birthday!  Mango @wafflesworld is the sweetest tortie ever, so I found her a pretty card (in her favorite color!) just as sweet as she is.  I also made sure to send a kiss for Mango with her card!  😘  Happy happy birthday, sweet Mango! 🎉🎂🎊💝🐢

(Mango’s card is unfortunately going to get to her late because Mom couldn’t get to the post office until today! 😡📬)

Happy Birthday, Mango!! I hope you got all the best noms and didn’t let Waffles have any! heee 

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