“No Tortoise Left Behind”

Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals being rescued from the flooding in Texas and we’re glad to hear it! This Sulcata tortoise may not be excited about being on a boat, but he sure is lucky he’s out of the water.

“This tortoise was rescued Wednesday on a tugboat by Aaron Jayjack during historic flooding in the city. He looks a bit discombobulated … albeit safely aboard and secure.” – (Via TMZ)

Aaron Jayjack, you will always hold a place of honor with the #turtpocalypse.

We hope all of our Texas shell friends, and all friends and family, are safe and sound. We are sending all the good energy your way. 

If you have anything to spare here are some ways to help Texas:

For All

Just to name a few… Please feel free to add to this list! 

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