When you’re alone on a Saturday night and crave affection

Zoya would like to weigh in on your questions, @mylivingphantasy . I’ll type for her since she tends to get dirt in between the keys when she does it herself. 

She says she recognizes you. you look like a human.


The best way to show your tortoise you love him is to give him noms. Yep. That’s the way to say ‘I love you’ in tortoise. Head skritches are ok too, but NOMS! 


She’s sure your shell friend loves you back as long as you provide a steady stream of quality noms. If you want, she’ll give you a snuggle but you have to sit next to the flowers…she swears she has no ulterior motives (this human says she’s lying). 


Lastly, she wants you to know that it’s ok. Don’t feel ashamed, her human is also alone and translating her own tortoise’s side eyes into comments to post on Tumblr. 


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