My turtle needs a home.


I have a red eared slider that’s too big and too high maintenance for me and my mom to handle. She got him for me 9/10 years ago as an Easter gift because she thought we would be able to take care of him for as long as we had too. We’ve had many unexpected and expected life changes and we just can’t give him the quality of life he deserves. He’s about 9 to 10 inches long, and has a mild case of shell rot that will clear up soon once he’s given proper housing and filtration.

Atm he needs these things:
75 to 100 gallon tank
A basking platform
A heating bulb
Proper filtration system

Unfortunately my mom and I can’t provide these things, but there is the possibility of us being able to provide a small amount of financial aid. If you are able to take care of him please message me so I can talk to my mom and arrange something. Atm she wants to either release him, or keep him and neither of those things would be healthy or safe. We live north of Seattle and are willing to drive if it means he gets a safe home, and if we really have to I will look into express live animal shipping. Please help us, Gary is close to our hearts and we want him to be safe and happy.

Hey shell friends in the #Seattle area, do you have room for a slider friend? Gary needs a forever home that’s able to give him the quality life long care he needs! 

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