Entomology is the study of our insect friends. Some of us like to watch bugs, others, like Torty and Blue, prefer to admire their tastiness. These Tortie Scouts are showing us how they appreciate insects. (page 2)

1) Piperdog here & I love to chase bugs. Here’s one of me stalking this katydid after mom brought him down from the side of the house for our photo opt. I really enjoy lightening bugs at night! It’s so hot in Arkansas, I didn’t get to stay out long.

2) As a house cat, Lucky likes to study bees. He has gotten so good at it he has figured out how to order honey online.

3) Chippy is only 2 years old and has had a rough life. He hates being watched but he loves to watch out for bugs.

4) Little Dude is an expert on bugs. He loves every bug that exists and carries his bug menu everywhere!

5) My assignment was to learn about bugs, but I am a city turtle, more a “read about it” reptile than a “get down and dirty” type guy, but Mom really wanted to help me get my credit, sooooo…
..she took me outside, and I sniffed a beetle, and I didn’t really like it. Then she suggested we go inside for a warm bubble bath and shell detailing (with a toothbrush, which I LOVE!), and you’ll notice my shell has flowers AND EVEN A BUTTERFLY! A butterfly is an insect, isn’t it?! And now, if you’re sure your sitting down,notice my VERY FIRST TEMPORARY TORTUGA TATTOO of…
…you guessed it, a 🐞! That’s an insect, too!
XO, Poof

6) After having little success on his insect hunt Tubby began to doubt how accurately the insects in “a bug’s life” were portrayed…

7) Zoya spent lots of time studying the butterflies in the garden. She learned many things like: the orange and green one likes dandelions and fluttering over the neighbors bbq for fun, the white one spends most days messing with the fur beast that lives behind us. He’s a white pup so she tries to blend in with his fur. Butterflies are nice but super chatty so might want to avoid them if you’re hoping to nap!

Entomology badge achieved! #TortieScouts are the MOST fun part of the summer. 

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