We interrupt our normal posting schedule to bring you breaking news:

This morning, CNN news anchor Wolf Blitzer shared a tweet we can all relate to. Yes, Wolf saw a turtle and he thought it was nice. Little did he know, his tweet would spawn a twitter explosion. 

Turtle and tortoise lovers from around the globe have decided to keep Blitzer’s day nice by showing him a turtle. If he hasn’t noticed yet, Wolf will be pleased to see photo after photo of turtles and tortoises shared with him using the hashtag #ShowWolfATurtle. It is, in my humble opinion, the internet at its best. 

Photos range from ‘heres my pet turtle’ to images with information on the plight of specific species of engaged or threatened turtle and tortoises. Even the new England aquarium and Science news have joined in! 

So if you’re on twitter, take a moment to check out the #ShowWolfATurtle tag… and maybe send him a picture of your shell friend! (you can tweet at him @WolfBlitzer or leave him off and just use the hashtag #ShowWolfATurtle … )

ETA:  the media is on it! Check out this great article from Atlas Obscura talking more about what Blitzer and this hashtag have started. 

Please Look at These Turtles, Wolf Blitzer: With the #ShowWolfATurtle, reptile biologists court a prominent new herp fan.


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