MOM, I see pretty green grass!I want to go in the pretty green grass!I don't care if it's too cold!I WILL NINJA MY WAY OUT OF THIS BOX!DON'T YOU SEE HOW MUCH I WANT TO GO IN THE GRASS?!Why is this box so hard to climb out of.I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!MOM, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.I give up.I AM GOING TO GRUMP HERE UNTIL YOU FIX THIS.


For this week’s Tall Tuesday, I am practicing my ninja skills in my favorite box!  Also known as, I can see pretty green grass through the glass, why won’t you let me go in the pretty green grass, I don’t care if it’s too cold, I AM GOING TO GRUMP HERE IN MY SHELL UNTIL YOU LET ME GO IN THE GRASS.  Or until you placate me with noms.


Mom thinks this gif of my leggie is funny.  I think she owes me radicchio.  😡

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heeeeeee She’s not wrong, Kirby. Those leggies are adorable!

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