A book all about us shells!Do you think those dandelion-yellow stripes are nom-able?Whoa, look at that shell!Aquatic?  You mean this turtle likes baths?!What a strange looking turtle!OOF!  Hey!  Don't turn the page yet!Proper care is of the utmost importance!!


International Turtle and Tortoise Week 2017, Day 2
(Day 1 here)

Some people think turtles and tortoises are slow and boring.  They couldn’t be more wrong!  Just look at these pictures (and me)!  Sliders have beautiful bright stripes, the Central American ornate wood turtle has gorgeous patterns on its shell, and who could call the matamata boring?!  I got so excited about the matamata that I faceplanted on it!

We’d also like to take a moment for an important reminder to all the turtle and tortoise keepers out there:  Proper care is critical!  We turtles and tortoises may be quiet, but we can and do feel pain when we are kept in improper conditions.  Do your research!

P.S.  Thank you to @qvoro for gifting us this book many years ago!

Kirby! I think you’re the chosen one of the #turtpocalypse! you are so smart!

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