A big thank you to all the caring kids at Harmony Preschool at First United Methodist Church. They found a very young gopher tortoise with a leg injury and got him to us for help. He has suffered a chemical burn to the hind leg and will lose it. Sadly, the species that had been around for a million years is now threatened. In 2007, FWC(Florida Wildlife Commission) placed them on the threatened species list. We receive many babies that are attacked by ants, grabbed by pets, and burned by lawn chemicals. 

    Please reblog this post and educate friends and family. The species will not survive unless we all make an effort to keep them safe. Please properly contain and dispose of all chemicals that are kept in and around barns and tool sheds. Try using a chemical free alternative on your lawn. Keep dogs away from active nests. To learn more about ways to help them, please click on this link

Fantastic work kids!

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