Indian Star Tortoise

Geochelone elegans

1 Due to what
it’s named, the tortoise resides in Indian and can be found in parts of Sir

2. As it is
a relatively easy animal in regards to it’s husbandry care requirements, it has
skyrocketed and become a very popular pet in the Herpetology society.

other tortois’s and turtles of it’s kind, it has adapted a very stable shell
which allows it to very easily upright itself once it has been overturned.

small compared to it’s relatives, it normally never exceeds 10 inches.

5.It’s shell
unlike many of it’s kind is actually made up of raised humps with star like
shapes patterning all over it.

6.Living a
long life for it’s small age , ranging from 30-40 years.

7.Not just
surviving but thriving on a plant based diet, which includes grass,fruit &
leaves. Though it has been found in some individuals that it will not pass up
the opportunity to feed on carrion & insects.

8. Distributed
over Northern Indian & Sir Lanker, those individuals appear to have a much
more “dirtier” look, exhibiting  a larger
growth and variations of black & grey .

9. Their shell may appear as though it will stand
out, however it actually provides them with a nice camouflage away from
predators from a distance.

10. Despite
it’s trusty shell these little guys are frequently preyed upon by large birds
of prey, reptiles such as snakes & crocodiles and unfortuatley humans.

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