So this is Zuri. She’s a four year old sulcata tortoise that my sister adopted from a rescue. Her previous owners fed her an improper diet and kept her in a terrarium that was so small that she could not turn around. She’s been in rehab for the last couple of months because she doesn’t use her back legs properly. She’s doing much better than she was, but we still have to correct her when she walks and parts of her shell are still soft from her nutritional problems. My sister is extremely patient with her and she’s a really sweet tortoise. I wish that people wouldn’t neglect animals like this though. Because of the things that happened early in her life she’ll never be a completely normal tortoise and will possibly need special care for the rest of her life to address some internal problems.

This is what improper care can do to a tortoise. Please take a look,. Zuri will need special care for the rest of her life. She’s lucky to have found humans committed to caring for her. Too many aren’t that lucky.

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