Had another unwanted pet given to me. So uh, I guess say hi to my new Mojave Desert Tortoise.

Supposedly what happened was, some parents bought this little guy for their kid but their kid is scared of it and doesn’t want it so now I have it.


There’s one thing I’d like to say about this.

Parents.. Seriously..

If you’re going to buy a pet, make sure your kid or whoever you’re buying it for, is actually cool with the animal and wants one first before ya decide to just come home with one.

This is how animals end up in shelters and that’s probably where this one would have gone.

My house is full of unwanted pets already. Almost all of my current pets were abandoned or not wanted by their previous owners, and I am still getting offers to take pets people either no longer want or for whatever reason cannot keep.

I can’t keep adopting you people’s bad decisions, and I’m not always gonna be around, or have the extra space, to save these animals from going to the shelter.

So please..

Use your brain, before buying a new pet.

Honestly starting to consider opening up a little donation fund to make affording to take care of these animals a little easier. Especially since I’m expecting to take in one more unwanted pet pretty soon.

A serious problem we need to address shell friends! STOP IMPULSE BUYS!!

This is a major problem in the shell world and has lead to so many abandoned abused turtles and tortoises, rescues overwhelmed and unable take in anymore, the depletion of resources for resident shells by shells that don’t even belong in that ecosystem. 

We put our campaign on hold in the wake of tragedies in the human world but now its time to talk. Lets spread the word in our communities #BuyToysNotTurtles  and lets give @o0aquadragon0o a high five for rescuing this adorable shell (and all the others). 

I’m sure you’ve all seen my PSA but you’ll be seeing it a lot this week. Feel free to share it, post it places, and tell your friends with kids 

Buy Toys Not Turtles: https://youtu.be/A2PD3kLfYlA

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