Wood Turtles @ Seney National Wildlife Refuge , MI

by Andrea Martinson

This guy was found near M-2 pool not too long
ago. Wood turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) are the rarest of the three turtles species we have on
the Refuge. They are recognized by their sculpted-looking carapace (top
of the shell) and their yellowish-black plastron (underside of the

They tend to live in forested areas and river banks. It’s not a
picky eater, and enjoys snacking on leaves, berries, earthworms, snails,
insects, or even carrion. One way they eat earthworms is by repeatedly
stomping or slamming their shell into the ground. The vibrations make
the worms emerge from the soil, making the wood turtle’s job much

(via: Seney National Wildlife Refuge )

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