Check it out! Jonathan, the now 183 yr old tortoise, Is considered to be the world’s oldest land creature. 

His hatch year is approximated in or prior to 1832. From a report in the Telegraph:

“Jonathan, of the species testudinidae cryptodira, was brought to the British territory of St Helena, a tiny island in the South Atlantic, in 1882, when he was already mature, meaning that he was at least 50 years old. He is thought to have been shipped from the Seychelles.”

Age has not stopped him from nomming like a boss and hamming it up for the camera. While one of the earliest photos of him was taken with a war prisoner circa 1901, he continues to show off his handsome face in exchange for noms and head rubs. You go, Jonathan! Make sure they treat you like the royalty you are.

Sources &  more info:’s and see more footage of Jonathan in action

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