Turtle Survival Alliance

Today’s Featured Organization is The Turtle Survival Alliance! (TSA) @TurtleSurvival
TSA is an organization that does it all.  Forming global partnership to prevent the extinction of endangered turtles and tortoises, supporting and conducting research, and with the opening of their new center they are breeding of at risk turtles and tortoises.
Transforming passion for turtles into effective conservation action through a global network of living collections and recovery programs.
The Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) is an action-oriented global partnership that is committed to zero turtle extinctions in the 21st century. To achieve this, the TSA:

  • Creates breeding programs, including building facilities, for critically endangered freshwater turtles and tortoises
  • Conducts field research
  • Develops conservation plans and puts those plans into action
  • Promotes conservation awareness among local communities
  • Provides support, knowledge, training and resources to conservation partners around the world
  • Advocates for greater enforcement of wildlife laws
In 2013, the TSA proudly announced breaking ground on the newly purchased Turtle Survival Center (TSC) property in coastal South Carolina. This conservation center provides the TSA the much-needed ability to manage its captive assurance colony programs from a single location and have a facility to call home. The species being managed at the TSC have been carefully chosen based on a variety of criteria such as conservation status, lack of effective in-situ protection and management, poor history of being successfully bred in captivity, and ability to thrive in the mild coastal climate of South Carolina. There are now more than 400 individual turtles and tortoises representing 31 species residing at the TSC.
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