Todays Featured organization is Turtles in the Road Awareness Association @TITRAA1
An organization started by two awesome, turtle loving, college guys that witnessed a horrible incident involving a turtle trying to cross the road. They are just getting started, currently working to raise awareness of of turtles in the road, hoping to inspire drivers to keep an eye out, promote the addition of turtle x-ing signs in high turtle traffic areas, and helping by taking the time to help shells in the road make it to their desired location without harm. 
About (from their website) :
TITRAA is a non-profit organization founded by Alex Ceddia and Graysen Ledbetter in 2013 [small scale organization not a 501c3]. The goal of TITRAA is to save turtles that have crawled out into the road that don’t have a chance to escape a moving vehicle coming towards them.
TITRAA was inspired by a tragic experience during the summer of 2013. We were driving down a side street when they saw a turtle start to come on the road. They decided that they would go back and try to save it, but as soon as they pulled over on the side of the road, a car had come and run over the turtle. We have saved two turtles personally and encourage others to just be more aware and do the same or take them to a place like a pond or a park where it’s more safe.
The Goal
Drivers across the world will be more aware of the dangers of turtles in the road, this also benefits their awareness to other drivers, bikers, or anything else that may be in/near the road. This improves the world in matter of safety, plus you could be saving lives, and those lives help make more lives! So you are helping turtles and turtle families everywhere. For the love of the world and all its nature!
Join the movement! Visit and save the turtles!
How you can help: 
Spread the word about them through social media!
Follow them :
Follow on twitter: @TITRAA1
Purchase a wrist band, keychain or tshirt at their website  (not tax deductible) 

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