Today’s featured organization is @tortoiserescue aka American Tortoise Rescue! 
A fantastic resource for owners, advocates, and educators alike, The American Tortoise Rescue is responsible for starting World Turtle Day, bringing attention to a wide range of issues facing turtles and tortoises, as well as being a special needs turtle/tortoise sanctuary. 
About American Tortoise Rescue (From their site):
American Tortoise Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1990 to provide for the protection of all species of tortoise and turtle.  We offer permanent sanctuary to abandoned and lost tortoises though we no longer do adoptions.  Special needs turtles and tortoises that cannot be placed stay in the care of American Tortoise Rescue for the remainder of their lives. 
Since its inception, American Tortoise Rescue has rescued well over 3,000 turtles and tortoises of all species with 70 percent being land tortoises and the remainder water turtles.  The in-house population “floats” at about 125.
their other achievements include:
  • Implementing a national campaign to stop the sale of a specific species of tortoise called sulcatas, which are being mistreated and sold illegally throughout the U.S.
  • Helping to stop the cruel sale of turtles and other exotic animals in an section of Los Angeles called Santee Alley.  Because of our video presentation before the Animal Control Commission, officers now continually monitor the situation and make arrests.
  • Bringing to light the cruel sale of water turtles in asian markets throughout the US. These animals were kept in unsanitary, cruel conditions including upside down, without food, water, or shade.
  • Creating a campaign called Turtle Ambassadors to teach awareness among school children about turtles and tortoises.
  • Developing a national campaign to stop the sale of reptiles in pet stores.
  • Producing a series of videos about turtles and tortoises, which is distributed to media and other places with large audiences.
How you can help:
Financial donations can be made online or checks can be sent by mail to The ‘Rosie fund’ is named after a special tort that changed the lives of the organizations founders. Give her story a read. 
ATR also accepts material donations, a list of needed items is also available on the bottom of the page. 
Support them using Amazon Smile! (.5% of every purchase you make will go to the organization) Just click here to set them as your amazon smile organization of choice). 
Social Media: 
Follow them on twitter @tortoiserescue
Donations of materials or checks can be sent to the following address:
American Tortoise Rescue

30765 Pacific Coast Highway, # 243
Malibu, CA 90265

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