Todays featured organization is @LittleRESq 

You may remember some of our earlier posts about this amazing little organization… that’s not so little anymore! Spokes turtle Audrey survived 20 years living in a bucket and was to be put down before a vet gave her a second chance. After much medical attention she found herself at LittleRESq where she works as a spokes turtle against animal cruelty. 

About LittleRESq: (from their site) 

The Little RES Q is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and relocation of exotic pet reptiles in an attempt to keep them from being released into the wild. We provide a better option for those who, for one reason or another, cannot take care of their reptiles anymore. 

Many small reptiles, especially turtles, get purchased as a pet for a young family member without fully understanding the costs in both material and time needed for proper care of the animal. Sadly all too often these poor creatures suffer from neglect even with the owner’s best intentions. 

We are a limited admittance shelter that restricts intake in order to uphold a standard in quality of life for the surrenders in our care. We implement a waiting list when necessary, use a foster care network to help, and emphasize adoption and responsible pet ownership for all types of reptiles.

How you can help? 

LittleRESq has been growing and that means they need more resources! They are currently upgrading the electrical in the turtle room so they can take in and maintain care of more turtles!  You can make a donation to help pay for the electrical upgrade here!

Make a general donation here:

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