This made me laugh. Silly human is quickly learning whose in charge. Especially when noms are involved. 🙂 You get that garden tortie! 

A picky tortoise has the anemone in his sights: A reader has been struggling to find acceptable foodstuffs for his newly-adopted tortoise


SIR – Recently I have had visited upon me a small Moroccan tortoise by a lovely granddaughter whose interest in animals has now turned to kittens.

However, we are struggling to find food it will accept: for Toastie (the tortoise) will eat nothing but anemone leaves.

I have read much about the tortoise diet, and have gone about gathering the most juicy of dandelions, from which he always retreats as if they were poison.

I have also tried nasturtiums, marigolds and other edible flower leaves, to no avail.

In desperation I obtained a “total holistic dietary food of dandelion flavour”, but when offered it he closed one eye before turning away as if to say, “You must be joking”. My once-proud anemones have been reduced to a row of bare stalks.

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