No, Maggy isn’t a tortie but she *is* a dear puppy friend of ours who needs some help. If you can spare it, please donate and spread the word? 


This is Maggy, She’s a very sweet puppy with an amazing humom and they both really needs our help! (help here!)

Maggy got very sick in Mid may and while her platelet count rose briefly, sores started to appear on her body and she began having trouble walking. Her human is equally as sweet and wonderful as Maggy and she  would do anything for her pup. Tests and vet bills, and hospital stays add up and Maggy’s mom is overwhelmed with worry and bills.

If you have a spare dollar or two or more, please take a second and help Maggy get the treatment she needs to get well and give lots of snuggles for years to come.

Click Here To Help Maggie! PLEASE Spread The word! 

Thanks in advance!

PTFL & Zoya Pants  

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