Bubbles the tortoise miraculously survived 48 hrs underwater. rescued by her owner who donned a wetsuit and dived into the cold pond to save his shell friend. 

(Source: Gazette-news.co.uk )

A concerned owner was left shell-shocked when he found his pet tortoise in his pond after two days of being missing – alive.

The miracle reptile called Bubble is more than 60 years old, but is thought to have survived her underwater adventure due to the cold environment.

Owner Chris Casswell said: “I got into the pond in my wetsuit and found her three feet underwater in the pond.

“She was in a bad way so we took her to the vets and he said he had known a tortoise survive 24 hours but not 48 hours underwater before.

“Because it was cold they slow down into hibernation and they are very good at holding their breath.”

She is now said to be feeling much better and has been reunited with her male companion, Sandra.

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