Its been a crazy month here at Tort-time headquarters! humom has been at the doctors all the time, its even less fun than when she was at jury duty! She may have been late a couple times but don’t worry, noms arrived in a fairly timely manner almost every day. Then she had to go to NY for me cause the bus is lame and doesn’t allow tortoises. I got SUPER COOL PRESENTS! We’re gonna post those tomorrow in honor of the final episode of our favorite show #Psych. We’re getting back into the groove and apologize we haven’t been here to answer asks! This weekend humom has a seminar and takes a reptile rehabilitator exam! She says I inspired it. I would rather her to give me extra noms but I guess thats ok. After that we will be back with some super fun stuff (a turtpocalypse video game anyone?!). Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to give your shell some love. 

Humom and Zoya pants 

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