Phoebe and George have been contemplating new years resolutions, and decided to try and communicate more with their shelled (and other animal/human) friends. They figured they’d start by sending out hatch day cards to any of their friends 😀 Phoebe and George do not have a hatch date or even an accurate age so they have a ‘rescue anniversary’ – March 28th, where their estimated ages of 10 (P) and 7 (G) go up a year 😀 

If anyone would like a hatch/birth/purchase/rescue anniversary card then just send us a message and we’ll try to send one out on time 🙂 

Hey Phoebe & George!! Zoya has been working on a similar resolution (along with her other two… dominate the world and find new ways to get humom to bring more noms). She also has a rescue date, Sept. 20th. We’re adding your rescue-versary to our calendar! <3 

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