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Some important facts for beginner turtle, tortoise, and terrapin fans.

Well, we’ve all heard the tale about the hare and tortoise. But did you know these 7 interesting facts about turtles?

1. Are tortoises and turtles the same thing? And we’re not talking ninja turtles here.

All tortoises are turtles; however, all turtles are not tortoises. Tortoises are the turtles that live on the land.

2. It was over 200 million years ago that the earliest turtles had evolved.

3. There are around 320 species of turtles all around the world and almost half of them fall into the endangered range.

4. When in Britain, remember that the term turtle is used for salt water species, while the term terrapin is used for the fresh water species.

5. Don’t be afraid of a turtle biting your head off- they have no teeth.

6. The official reptile of Illinois state is the painted turtle. This decision was made through an internet poll, and other options which people had voted for were the Eastern Box Turtle and the Common Garter Snake.

7. Although yawning is said to be contagious in both humans and animals, research suggests that in tortoises yawning is not contagious.

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