hey! I have a russian tortoise and I am going to have a small bird soon, I was wondering if you know if it is safe to keep them in the same room? I’m having trouble finding out via google search.

Hey! Congrats on your growing animal family 🙂

I’m assuming they’ll have separate enclosures? If that’s the case I don’t see too much opportunity for trouble to be made when they’re both in their individual secure spaces. 

The problems come in when the bird is out of its enclosure and able to fly around, roam free. You’ve got a heat lamp that can burn, be knocked over and hurt your tortoise, and even start a fire. That’s the *biggest* issue I can forsee.  Well that and your bird trying to get a ride out of the tortoise taxi and earning a side eye 🙂 I’d bet you won’t get more than an annoyed side eye from your Russian. The new bird isn’t a nom and isn’t something recognizable as nom related, so clearly tortie has better things to think about 😉  

I did some searching before responding to you as I’m not a bird expert (or any expert really), and I did read a bit about the potential for a bird to pick up bacteria (that are are carried by tortoises but not an issue for them) and falling ill. Nothing that gave any cited info just a couple people mentioning it. Definitely something to think about before letting them interact at all. 

So, now comes the time where I’ve babbled far beyond my limited knowledge and ask kindly if anyone else has any thoughts??


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