The new turtle – A Common Snapper!

I’m honestly shocked none of you guessed what I was getting! These are not great pets for people without turtle or a lot of reptile experience. This is my first turtle I am keeping, but not the first I have worked with, and I’ve kept enough other reptiles (and handled enough wild snappers) that I feel confident in providing for him.

When their needs can be met, these guys actually make EXCELLENT pets. When raised from this size in captivity, they become tame, personable turtles.. usually. Each turtle is an individual. Some might remain shy or aggressive. The biggest obstacle with these turtles is their adult size. At this size, they are more run away than stay and bite. This little fellow is a very fresh baby and will gladly walk on to your hand, though, so outlook is good! In as little as 3 years time, this teeny baby will be monstrous. They grow much faster than Alligator Snappers, but are not as long lived – I won’t need a post-death plan for another few generations of humans for this little guy.

He is hella fuckin’ cute. I want to name him Gamera then realized someone I follow has one named Gamera but it’s SUCH A PERFECT NAME there are 6,000 pythons named Monty out there I think two snapping turtles named Gamera wouldn’t be awful right ;    ;

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