Incredible Rescue of Two Tortoises Trapped After Colorado Floods.

(cause we can all use a story about helping each other in times of need and a happy ending this morning)

(Source: Electa Draper Denver Post)

With no way to evacuate them and no power to keep his tortoises warm, Al Matlock hiked 3 miles to send out a call for help rescuing his tortoises Toby (above) and Spavinaw. Through a series of kind text messages, emails, and a facebook post, Jim Detterline, Denver Zoo reptile keeper Tim Trout, and 4 others, assisted Matlock in a daring rescue.  With Toby pulled in on a sled with a zipper compartment and Spavinaw in a large backpack. A 2 hour hike followed.

Toby was not crazy about the sled, Detterline said. But with his 18-inch diameter shell strapped and zippered in — and with Spavinaw inside Detterline’s large backpack — the party hiked two hours across steep terrain marked by local “guides” who had laid planks for bridges and flagged the safest terrain linking Glen Haven and Dunraven to an intact road.

“These are cold-blooded animals,” Trout said. “They had to get out before dark.”

They made it down to a vehicle just as the sun set Tuesday.”

 As you can see, these tough shells are doing well, thanks to their  committed owner and the kindness of neighbors. 

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