Last post posted out of order oops! Edited it since it was incomplete and now we continue with today’s Zoya love fest! 

In case you didn’t figure it out, today is Zoya Pants Birthday! 4 years in my life, more years of world domination, and of growing just as fast as she can get yourself into trouble.

(Top Photo set: Right: baby Zoya and Me in our first months together; Right Bottom: Baby zoya learning to dominate her first small sized log; Left: Zoya now about as big as my face, easily dominating me and the couch). 

(Bottom Photo set: – Top left– Zoya exploring her temp enclosure in england, that curious stance started early. Top Right – Log domination again. Middle Left– When noms were the size of her face. Middle Right – Zoya and Mom discover the problem with playing in hand made blankets. Your head fits in the hole but it shouldn’t be there! Bottom Left: Mom made z a blanket for those cool nights when Zoya fell asleep on her log not in it. Bottom Right: Zoya and Cousin Chairman Meow share a mean of greens under the basking light. Family first. )

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