Last Wednesday the at Sandy Neck Park in Barnstable were met with an incredible sight. A ~ 650lbd Leatherback sea turtle stranded on the beach. Leatherback sea turtles are extremely endangered and in depth knowledge of treatment of ill leatherbacks even more so.

The chain of sea turtle responders started their calls contacting the Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary at Wellfleet bay who then contacted the New England Aquarium.  Rescue efforts required a heavy amount of collaboration from all involved, on site testing of the animals vitals, and lots of heavy lifting.  Later in the afternoon the leatherback was released into deeper waters and , hopefully, back to a happy healthy life. Rescuers are asking those in the area to keep an eye out  in case she comes back to the area for whatever reason.

Its an incredible story and a fine example of the work of the staff and volunteers working with and at The New England Aquarium. The story of this rescue is much more detailed and sheds light on the rarity of encounters with these turtles and the limited amount of knowledge on rescue methods/ physiology. I urge you to read all about the rescue efforts of this soft shell and the others that lead to current knowledge of the animals, watch a video of this incredible creature wading in the ocean, and learn more about the New England Aquarium



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