Zoya and I entered a contest being held by ‘Thats My Pet’ to win a beautiful portrait and cards of this photo! More importantly, this month’s contests focus on therapy pets and we were so excited to see a category for non-traditional therapy pets we couldn’t resist.

For those who don’t know, Zoya pants is a registered therapy pet. I have multiple sclerosis and she helps me maintain a routine, give me a focus when things get bad, fight depression, and cheers me up with a snuggle and a side eye on terrible health days.

So click the picture or this link and like the post to vote for us. We will be eternally grateful for your vote. Competition is steep! Not only are there some adorable kitties in the running but also a giant bunny and another tortoise (we may have had to vote against ourselves because that sulcata is wearing a pretty dress).

Anyway, Take a look and like us! Spread the word too! Zoya promises to remember you when the #turtpocalypse comes. 🙂

Sorry to all that follow all 3 of my blogs, you might see this a few times hah. 

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