A Rescue’s work is never done. Lets help @LittleRESQ continue their awesome work.

Hector is now among our many shelled angels and thanks to Little RES Q  his last moments were in caring hands. The work Little RES Q does to rescue and rehabilitate turtles, as well as educate the public about the impact of poor care, is phenomenal. Their work doesn’t end with Hector. Too many other shells out there need their help. Please take a moment to visit the Little RES q website, make a donation, check out the online store, and read more about their incredible work.

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Hector Update Via @LittleRESq

Marc: I’m sorry to say that little Hector died of complications during surgery. Our vet tried for 14 hours, even hooking him up to a breathing tube at one point to try to save him. We decided to go ahead and post this picture to show that he’s at peace now. He’s in a place where he’s free and not in pain anymore. (On Facebook)

I want to thank everyone for the huge support that we had over him. His vet bills are covered. I just wish he would have pulled through to thank you all himself.

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