Giant fisit bump to the ultra observant Sea Turtle Patrol volunteer, Maggie Probst! She noticed and followed some ‘odd looking tracks’ then finding this sadface sea turtle under a building and clearly in distress. Once found, Probst and other volunteers were able to coax her back into the Gulf of Mexico, securing a happy ending for this beautiful shell. 

(Full article:Herald Tribune )

Sea Turtle Patrol volunteer Maggie Probst discovered errant turtle tracks on the Hermitage Artist Retreat property at 6660 Manasota Key Road.

Probst called about the “unusual crawl,” said Sea Patrol volunteer Zoe Bass.

“There were tracks all around the campus,” said Sharyn Lonsdale, executive assistant at the retreat.

Bass followed the meandering tracks.

“I just happened to look under the office building and there she was,” Bass said.

“She was just exhausted,” Lonsdale said. “She was not moving but she was breathing.”

Bass said the turtle may have become frightened and disoriented during the night while looking for a place to nest.

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