(Source Independent.co.uk )

Hibernation is a controversial topic among owners, rehabilitators, and researchers. For those in appropriate climates, they may decide to allow their tortoise or turtle to hibernate naturally. For those who do not they may choose to induce hibernation, going through the pre-hibernation process, then placing their shell friends in a temperature controlled environment. This last route is a common one for those in the UK and Europe. 

What does that mean? Well, in this case it means of the interesting discoveries made during a survey of items found in refrigerators across Europe? A tortoise or two were among them. 😀 And well, Thats not all that weird. hah

Deciding to hibernate is a decision that requires a lot of research, confidence in your turtle or tortoises health, and a lengthy process. Read one woman’s ‘hibernation Journey’ via Joe Heine’s website russiantortoise.net here. 

(read the blurb about the study at independent.co.uk)

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