So Tumblr has the fish community and the snake community, what about a turtle community?


I’m looking but I can’t seem to find many blogs with good information about turtles. I’ve got three juvenile red eared sliders, and I’d love to find some blogs that share info like the fish and snake communities do. At this rate, I might have to make my own. Anyone know of any turtle blogs with reliable info?

Well as for turtle (and tortoise) blogs there are a lot of us.  Definitely check out Turtlefeed for great information about turtle care as well as adorable pics. Tortoiseblog, tortoise-adventures, herpetology-world,  turtlesandtreasures, fyeahturtles… just the a few of the all turtle all the time blogs – off the top of my head.  Hope it helps 🙂 also, Hi! 🙂  

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