Incredible is what the members of this fire department are. She’s likely to have a long road ahead (exposure like that can lead to her scutes falling off and the need for serious care) but hopefully she’ll pull through. Clearly she’s a fighter. *sniffle*


Sevier County fire crews were able to save a turtle that was burned in a fire Saturday with donated pet oxygen masks. Stephanie Specht, with Sevier County Fire Department, said the building on Old Newport Highway, which is a home and business, was destroyed around 6:30 a.m. Saturday. The homeowner was out of town, and no one was inside of the building when flames sparked, but two turtles were on the property. Specht said one turtle was able to get away, but the other was found on grass near the burning home.

“She was so close to the fire and had burn marks on her shell,” said Specht. “She was hot to touch, and frothing at the mouth.”

Specht said they were able to save her with pet oxygen masks.

“We had oxygen on her for about 20 minutes. She actually opened her eyes and stuck her head up, and seemed ok,” said Specht.

The turtle is staying with the homeowner’s father.

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