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This is Jamie Kozloski with two of her rescues (African Spurred Tortoises) Bubbles and Luca. These are two of many of the exotic animals she’s rescued at her home/rescue Kingdom Animalia Exotic Rescue. 

ASHWAUBENON — A 46-and-a-half pound African spurred tortoise named Bubbles munches on grass in Jamie Kozloski’s backyard.

Three other cages sit outside with two green iguanas and a larger lizard named Stavi while across the yard a small pool is filled with aquatic turtles and smaller tortoises.

This is the headquarters for Kingdom Animalia Exotic Animal Rescue that Kozloski, 27, founded in April 2012.

Kozloski said she can recall the first moment she fell in love with reptiles at age 11.

“We took a family trip to Florida, when my brothers were swimming in the pool and being normal kids I was an 11-year-old girl behind the dumpster catching anoles (a lizard),” Kozloski said. “That was the first time I had ever worked with reptiles or held reptiles. I was collecting them and putting them in my little Happy Meal bucket and bringing them back to the hotel room thinking I was going to bring them back on the airplane.”

Since then, her love for animals has blossomed into a life dedicated to working with exotics. Kozloski’s goals are to rescue and rehabilitate them while also educating the public.

In total, Kozloski estimated that since 2006 she has helped over 430 animals. She does not take in dogs and cats and usually deals with reptiles, amphibians, birds, small animals and invertebrates. At any given time she cares for 20-40 animals.

Read more and watch a video of all her turtles, tortoises and so many more! 

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