I recently met a woman who told me she was terrified of turtles and tortoises! I have never met anyone with that sort of fear before. Reptiles as a group? yes. Snakes? definitely. Slugs? yep… but Turtles and tortoises? nope. never. 

Clearly I’m biased but you’d think, growing up in florida, I’d have encountered someone that thought they were terrifying creatures. More over, it just seemed so strange to me. They walk around (or swim around) on four legs, not all that different from a dog or cat, are perceived to be slow. Generally, the environmental psych person in me thought that would be enough to make shells pretty ok on most people’s lists. 

Guess I was wrong! Well sorta. The Huffington Post’s blogger Ani Varbel shares her fear of turtles and tortoises story and proves that even those with a deep rooted fear can’t help but give in to the charms of our shell friends. 

A great read, Click below or on the pic. 

On Overcoming a Debilitating Fear… of Turtles

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