All tortoises are particular. Just because a plant is edible doesn’t mean they’ll want to eat them. Zoya, for example, is much more likely to climb in (or dig under) the pansies and marigolds than eat them. Marigolds keep some pests away so they are great to throw in there (and easy to find), and what fun is a garden without plants to dominate? 

Zoya has her favorite nom nom plants and, on top of that, she’s one moody tort! She’s very fond of petunia treats but, depending on how she’s feeling, its a color specific love. I had put light and dark purple petunias in her garden and was surprised she wasn’t eating them all in 2 seconds. She wasn’t eating them at all. I know she preferes to dominate the marigolds and pansies as opposed to eating them, but petunias are generally a joyful snack. With these purple and light purple/white petunias she was mostly sniffing and stomping on them.

Seems the problem was more about my color choices. Got some brighter pinkl petunias to replenish the stomped garden and well seems that was key. I set them down and turned around to get my gloves.. . two minutes passed and I turned back around to find them toppled over and half eaten and/or in her mouth. 

Point taken princess Zoya Pants, point taken. 

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