Meet Audrey R Slider! ( @audreyres ) She’s a beautiful Red Eared Slider that survived incredibly cruel treatment for years. After being rescued by the fantastic @LittleRESQ, she is now a Spokes Turtle helping prevent cruelty against reptiles! 

Here’s Audrey in her ‘own’ words:

My name is Audrey. I survived over 20 years living in a bucket and I’m now a spokes-turtle for animal cruelty against reptiles. Visit my rescuers’ page

I was born a perfectly normal red eared slider. However, I was kept in a bucket and not cared for properly for over 20 years. As the walls of my home closed in on me I deformed in order to survive. When my original owner passed away I was brought to a shelter to be put down but the vet took pity on me and gave me a second chance at life. 

I was transferred between specialists before ending up at the Little RES Q turtle rescue in Toronto Ontario Canada. Now I’m part of their team as a spokes-turtle for animal cruelty against reptiles.

My name is Audrey, and I’m beautiful.

Learn more from Audrey @audreyres on twitter or be her friend on Facebook:

Follow LittleRESQ  (@littleRESQ ) on twitter and Facebook

Visit their website and make a donation if you can! Every little bit helps make a difference! 

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