So im sure you know that all tortoises need a calcium supplement and vitamin/mineral supplement sprinkled on their food daily. Some torts, like Phoebe and George, aren’t keen on their supplements and may refuse to eat the greens when they’re on. I found their favourite foods by observing which ones they go for first every time and place the supplements on those so that they’re more appealing. Cucumber isn’t exactly nutritious but i found that its their favourite food and as it has a stronger smell, it masks the supplements a little. I cover half a slice with some supplements and they’ll happily nom on it before eating the greens that are healthier but less appealing. That way they get their supplements and will still eat the healthier food. George also particularly likes mushrooms and radicchio so he gets those covered in supplements some days too. 

Good idea! I’ve read that its best not to use Calcium with Vit. D if possible as it isnt always the best for some of our shell friends. Quality diet and good light with the Calcium supplement is good times (well.. it is if you use your awesome trick!) 

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