You can be a desert tortoise researcher without the ridiculous student loan debt that is graduate school! Download the Mojave Desert Tortoise app! Its free for iphone and android users. 

Desert Tortoise? Theres an app for that. 

(Written by: Janet Zimmerman)

This is the prime season for desert tortoises, which are most active in April and May when they emerge from burrows where they have spent the winter to feed and mate.

I was lucky enough to see three of these unique and threatened creatures recently while vacationing near Joshua Tree. At the time I didn’t know about the new Mojave Desert Tortoise App, which helps researchers track sightings.

People who see a tortoise take a photo and the app adds GPS data and sends it to researchers at the Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program and Desert Managers Group.

The app is free for the iPhone and Android. Sightings are posted at

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