Saying goodbye to all my turtles, and my tortoise.


Dad’s taking them out to be released into their natural habitat today. I’ve had all of them since I was 5-6. The tortoise is going to a zoo to live with more of her kind, I feel okay about that.

Ariel, my yellow bellied slider, is an angry little bit. She had a bunch of clutches while she was with us, most of whom were brought up to a decent age and then released. The others are rescues. It’s my dad’s hobby (or was, supposed he wouldn’t get much business in Nebraska) to rescue turtles who have been hit by cars, or chewed by (our) dogs, or once when we found a turtle who had been shot.

So here’s a goodbye to my tortoise that I saved from dying of heat exhaustion when I was 7. Who always wants into the living room so she can get bored and go back outside.


And a goodbye to Ariel and all of her friends (bullet, spike, chewy, firework, and the rest)


It’s weird not to call you mine anymore.

this made me both sad and happy. You and your dad are awesome for caring for and loving these guys and making sure they get the best life possible. 

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