Witnessed The Beginning Of Life Today


Having rested the last 3 days recovering from Dengue fever and still doing so this very moment, I decided to take a short walk on the beach.

On my way back, noticed about 3 small spider-like animals crawling towards the ocean. Realized upon closer inspection they were newly hatched tortoises. I looked up away from the ocean towards the dry sand and noticed 40, 50 + more tortoises coming down towards the water, so helped them out in reaching the water along with some other passersby who asked what was going on and what I was doing, after which they then proceeded to enjoy and be part of the experience too.

It’s humbling to know I am the first person to see these tortoises being born and heading out into our infested world and despite our infestation, these tortoises may live to be 100s of years old.


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