Keep your eye out for Alfie! Always worry Zoya might take a wander down the street somehow. Our little ones are far more able than any story/stereotype might indicate. 

A tortoise whose exploits made him a minor internet celebrity has gone missing from his home in Heath Way, Horsham.

His owner Catriona told the County Times he had disappeared on September 14 afternoon.

“He is a male Russian called Alfie,” she said, “eight years old, carapace length about 14cm, weight 440gm and he has distinctive yellow markings.

“This is his second escape this summer as he has learnt to open the gate. The last time he was found walking up the main road.

“He likes to have his head scratched and will follow me around the garden. He answers to his name but will go in the opposite direction if he thinks he is going to be put into his house for the night.

“He is a great climber and has been stuck climbing up the grapevine before.

“He is microchipped since his first escape. He has his own Facebook page where he writes about his adventures.

“He is really quite remarkable for a tortoise.”

The Facebook page ‘Alfie the tortoise’ describes his adventures, including previous efforts to escape, and his mostly unfulfilled hopes for a day with enough sunshine for him to bask in.

Anyone who finds Alfie can contact his owner on 07973 118376 or 07971 198628.

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