Another Zoya Story: Zoya studies abroad

So I’ve mentioned before that Zoya and I moved to England for a while when I was attending the University of Surrey. Because of certain medical conditions, which would ultimately become the reason we did not return, I was able to bring her with me after a LOT of paperwork and a little bitty microchip. 

Upon our arrival to the UK we were set to live in a single person dorm room that was well.. really really small. I found a decent container and set out to find stuff to build her the castle she deserved, even in a dorm room. I collected two cheap canvas under the bed drawers, a collapsable box, some tape and a butter knife and built her a home about as big as my bed. hah.

I obsessively cleaned the floors so I could let her wander a bit while I worked and not worry about her finding anything to nibble on. I quickly discovered just how crafty these little ones are. She managed to wander under the chair and over to the side of her new home, hoist herself up on the dust buster, and try and crawl into her house from the outside. I found her dangling her little legs out of the side having pushed a desk chair and the dust buster out of the way. Its hard not to be impressed with that!

She also tried her hand at footy, happily enjoying world cup soccer on tv and in her terrarium. She met lots of people who had torties in their gardens and got to eat some dandelions. Fun times for a traveling tortoise. 

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