This Russian tortoise, found abandoned in Orinda, now has a new home

Sick animal cruelty but at least this little guy has a happy ending! Here is his heartbreaking story:

Morris: Abused, abandoned turtle reminds us animal cruelty still with us

Dear Joan: I found a turtle in front of Mechanics Bank in Orinda last week. In the gutter.

He was in a black plastic bag tied in a knot. He managed to claw holes so he could walk and breath.

I have him with me at work. I believe he is someone’s pet. He was either stolen or they were trying to dispose of him. So sad.

He is really cute and I want him to find a good home, but most of all I think the word should get out that animal cruelty still is alive.



Dear Concerned: I can’t abide the cruelty that humans do to each other, and when it is directed at helpless animals, it just breaks my heart over and over again.

How can the person who did that live with him or herself? Do they care that the turtle could have been run over or worse, left to die a slow, painful death?

Thank goodness you saw him and saved him from that fate.

Now for the happy ending. The turtle, which turned out to be a Russian tortoise, has a new home with someone who will love him as he should be loved.

To see a picture of tortoise the day he was rescued, go to and check out the Bay Area Critters board.

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