a few warm days and a crazy flower sale led to a garden transformation from 6 petunia plants and some rocks to what Zoya appeared to interpret as “OMG GARDEN ITS MY BIRTHDAY WIN!” Marigolds, petunias (4 8 packs! 32 new single plants) and a few pansies happened and Zoya was in heaven.

The petunias never had a chance. All but 3 flowers gone in 10 minutes flat… but damn did she enjoy it (and thankfully some good regrowth is happening since its been raining for 3 days since these pics).

With all the rain after such a fun garden day, she is very clearly unhappy to not be in her outdoor garden of nom nom heaven and scoffs at the greens I provide her every morning.Oh and the pansies are a new one in the garden and nothing made me laugh more than her quick confusion in which she took a bite of a pansy.. looked at it.. clearly thought in her little tortie brain… NOT A PETUNIA.. and promptly moved along by stomping all over it. 

gotta love this little trouble maker. Looking forward to a nice weekend according to the weather reports so she can continue to destroy all my gardening attempts and I can blame that for my lack of green thumb 🙂

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