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A dumbfuck on Facebook just posted a picture of smashed turtle shells, with the caption “slayed”. He reveals later that this was done because they’re “overpopulated”. My question is, can legal action be taken against this kid? I don’t know how serious we’d be in reporting him, but at the very least we can get him to take the damn picture down (I have it screenshotted). Here it is, though it is rather graphic. It appears to be at least three or four different turtles.

Obligatory question mark so you can answer?

Gotta agree with the person who said this is the making of a serial killer.. its true. I sent you a response but please let us know if you’ve reported this person. 

When it comes to turtles and tortoises calling your states Fish and wildlife hotline is a good way to go. Because of stupid people like that one many of these beautiful creatures are protected.  For example, in Florida here is the hotline to report violators.

Florida regional animal abuse numbers:

Here are some numbers: 

In the South East ( the number of the office is at the bottom)

Pacific coast (also includes west coast state numbers)

you can also look up your local office by using the search function on the FWS website. 

Animal Cruelty hotlines and things to do:

(this is all as simple as “google” but really do it. In a lot of cases with endangered animals you will be reporting a very serious crime so something will be done) 
Email contact:

I can’t really list one for every state here.. but really google animal abuse, local Fish and wildlife office, or aspca. Weirdly, has a pretty good sum up of what to do:

Whom Should You Call? 

Nonprofit animal advocacy groups sometimes even local humane societies often do not have the legal authority to respond to or investigate cruelty complaints. It is important to call the appropriate agencies so your report is investigated.

In most areas, the local police or sheriff’s departments and animal control agencies handle animal cruelty complaints that involve domestic companion animals. Each community handles animal cruelty reporting differently, so you may be asked to make several calls. Reporting suspected cruelty to livestock and wildlife may entail contacting the U.S. Department of Agriculture, theU.S. Fish & Wildlife Service or your state’s Game & Fish Department.

If the situation is an emergency, or if a crime is in progress, dial 9-1-1. Keep in mind that many emergency departments often don’t consider a situation an emergency unless there is a direct threat to humans. For all other reports, you can call the law enforcement and animal control non-emergency numbers.

If you wish to make an anonymous report and you do not need immediate assistance, consider calling 88-CRIME or your local animal cruelty task force, if there is one. Some communities also have citizens advisory groups that meet regularly to monitor government agencies, such as animal control and the police department.

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