whoa.. pretty amazing.. though nothing can be as good as the real thing! 

Now, creative KRU brothers Norman, Yusry and Edry Halim have come up with a mischievous, talking tortoise in their latest special effects offering, Cinta Kura-Kura, with popular funnyman Zizan Razak of Raja Lawak fame playing the naughty but lovable reptile.

Playing a tortoise has always been a dream for Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian co-host Zizan. The animal is not only his favourite but also the mascot for his home state of Terengganu. Zizan, who plays river tortoise Nico, is pretty much his funny self here.

Read more: Meet a mischievous talking tortoise – Holiday – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/life-times/holiday/meet-a-mischievous-talking-tortoise-1.53767#ixzz1nvGeXy8S

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